District Financial Documents

Finance Chair & Committee

Purpose: Safeguard the assets of the district fund by reviewing and studying the amount of the per capita levy and necessary expenses of district administration.

Duties and Responsibilities of Committee:

    • Prepare a budget of district expenditures in cooperation with the district governor to be submitted to the clubs at least four weeks prior to the district training assembly or PETS and approved at a meeting of incoming club presidents at such meeting.
    • Review and recommend the amount of per capita levy to be approved in accordance with RI Bylaws section 15.060.2.
    • Assure that proper records of income and expenditures are kept.
    • Prepare a yearly financial report on the status of the district’s finances to be presented at the district training assembly.
    • A member of the committee, preferably the treasurer, shall, together with the district governor, be a signatory on the bank account(s) of the district fund. Both signatures will be necessary for any withdrawal. The bank account shall be held in the name of the district

District Finance Committee Committee Members

 Mercer, David S.
TRF Grants Treasurer
 Almborg, John A
District Treasurer
 Barnes, Darryl G.
Member - Voting
 White, Travis W.
Member - Voting
 Laws, Rene'
Member - Voting
 Lumpkin, Marney
Member - Non Voting
 Storey, Richard B.
Member - Non Voting


RI Dues $34.50/half year/member
COL $1.50/member
Magazine $12.00/member
GL Insurance $3.41/member
D&O Insurance $.79/member
7610 $##.##/member


District Budget 2020-21
District Budget 2021-22

Year-end 2020-21
Year-end 2019-20

2019 d7610 990
2018 d7610 990